We are a New-Age Marketing Collaborators aiming at being Effective and Research based Communication partners.

HUDDLE - The Brand Strategy Division

Research and Analytic driven insights about the Brand, the People, the Market.

What it means in Brands' Industry?

In Brand World, it means an action driven primarily to generate a Blue Print for the Marketing and the Communication activities that follow the strategy. True to the name, it’s a tightly enclosed strategy formed by the key personnel of the Company along with its Communication Partners.

How it Helps the Brand?

It acts as a form of insulation when the level of noise in the ever cluttered Advertising Market is such that normal on-field communication is difficult. Not to mention, the success of the Strategy if executed along with Creative and Media Support, results in a celebratory Huddle too.

How we execute the challenge?

A team of Brand Strategy Directors to work with client to understand the product and services, current sales, competitor activity and the market potential. This is followed by market analytics and market research for formulating communication strategy. This will help developing creative concepts that seamlessly connects with the target audience.

The Process

A 4-step approach for Seamless Connect and Success of your Brand

Get the basics right

This is in short to prepare you to be Market ready. This can be in the area of Website Development, Logo designing, Pricing, Packaging, Distribution, Branding and Corporate Communication.

Know your consumer

Regular upkeep with consumer trends helps in positioning your brand appropriately and suitably modifying the proposition well in advance to increase demand.

Know your market

Market analysis helps you to find the competitive edge for market penetration and also find opportunities to expand in new markets.

Seamlessly connect

Development of Creative that conveys the Brand promise, execution of the same across Media for seamless connection in the most cost effective manner.

Revert India - The Creative Division

Core Competency in Design, Digital and Motion Media


The graphics stand out communicating your Brand while maintaining relevance to and clarity of the message. Our Creative team ensures to fill the blank space with palette of colors and stream of ideas to help the Brands communicate with the audience. We aim to design in a way that highlights the ultimate goal of the Brands - Sales


It is foolish to think of any Brand or a Company to not have its presence in the Online Social space! Its the market place with prospective audience spending more time than any other platform. Using insights and technology, we design a brand’s digital presence, that is a reflection of our ’big idea’ thinking. We create rich customer experiences across all touch points, create on-going relationships with the consumers while driving engagement, advocacy and conversions.


The Art of Story-telling that evokes right emotions for the Brand. Audio-Visual is the best way to communicate your brand as it activates the audiences’ emotions much effectively than any other medium. If one Graphic can activate your Brand, just imagine what a series of Graphics is capable of!